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The impact of size with posters

27 September 2016

When it comes to poster printing, the size of your information and design is enormously important to getting your message through to your target audience. Whether it is for the promotion of an event or a health and safety concern, you will find that your poster will need to be adapted for its location, as well as for its target audience. Smaller or larger posters can be utilised in a range of different places, and it is important to know where and how to display your information. At Blue Ocean Printing, we can provide high quality poster printing in a range of different formats, so let’s take a look at what is best for you.

A0, A1 and A2 sizes

These larger posters would benefit areas in which they may need to be displayed higher up to allow for a large amount of people viewing at once, an area with high footfall or people for whom sight and reading may be an issue. For example, a larger poster could be used to catch the eye of drivers on the road or of children in a school corridor, or to display event or safety information in a retirement home. Whatever your purpose is, it is a perfect chance to catch the eye of your audience, whilst allowing you to provide more detailed information if viewed closer up. For more information on design, materials and pricing, visit our dedicated section.

A3 and A4 posters

A simple and succinct poster will benefit from A3 or A4 sizing, and these can be placed in areas in which people may be stationary for a period of time, or will be looking for something in particular. For example, a bathroom or staff room may be an excellent area for a smaller poster, acting on the fact that people may be likely to take notice of it and won’t be moving or rushing past. Likewise, there are dedicated poster and flyer spaces in which people may be looking for certain services; here, an A3 or A4 size would come into its own. Find out more here.

Whatever size you need, we can help you make the perfect poster to get your message across.

Talk to the Experts

With expert staff on hand to advise on the best solutions for your business marketing, Blue Ocean offer expert advice on poster printing and design in the Stevenage and London areas and can help you and your company reach more people in your local community. So if you need promotional poster design and printing in Stevenage or Hertfordshire, we have the expertise to design and print a whole range of marketing materials which will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Blue Ocean Printing has a range of options to suit any business, with many materials, formats and features available. Head to Blue Ocean Printing for all your poster printing needs.

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