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5 reasons why stationery printing is great for businesses

7 April 2016

Every canny marketing manager can sniff out a bargain, and is continually looking at ways to get the maximum return on investment from their strategy. When making a list of techniques which require a small investment but can have a number of benefits, business stationery printing should be right at the top. Here we run through some of the main reasons why business stationery printing can be beneficial for your business.

1. It reinforces your brand

Business stationery printing is a fantastic opportunity for companies to reinforce their brand, both to employees within their work force, and potential and existing clients. Pens and pencils, letterheads and business cards embellished with a company logo add a touch of professionalism, while giving the stationery your ‘stamp’. Stationery travels a long way, and is used by a number of different people, so by ensuring yours is branded using a simple design, you are executing an advertising campaign of sorts, of which your brand is at the forefront.

2. It provides functionality

A business card provides functionality in that it’s easily accessible, and can be viewed quickly and easily to remind you of important information. Additionally, letterheads is a useful piece of stationery that can convey information or just be used for notetaking. Functionality is a great way to ensure that stationery is used and appreciated, thus enforcing your branding through your stationery having functional value.

3. It provides information

Items facilitated by business stationery printing, such as business cards and compliment, are brilliant for providing information. A business card has key information, such as your contact details but additionally, the way it’s designed provides people with information on the type of company you are. A well designed business card will portray professionalism and encourage people to consider you, however a poor design would do the opposite. Compliment slips can have information, such as potential discounts and offerings that can inform receivers of your businesses activity.

business card 310x210

4. It jogs your memory

Who was that potential business contact you met at the exhibition, or the after party? In the corporate world this is the kind of question many of us find ourselves asking after attending an event, and a ‘memory jogger’ by way of a business card, or even functional piece of stationery such as a pen, can often answer the question. Providing just enough information for us to jump online and make further inquiries, business stationery is a visual reminder of who gave us an item in the first place, and this can often lead to new business leads.

5. Its professional

If you are sending receipts and invoices out to clients, or an order to suppliers, it might be time to think more carefully about how you present your documents. Often a typed letter including a polite thank you note on paper with a letterhead, or a compliment slip that routinely accompanies the page, can present your company in a more professional light.

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