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Roller banner printing & design elements

11 January 2017

Here at Blue Ocean Printing, we specialise in roller banner printing, which means we know how important a roller banner design is to your business. So today, we’re going to let you in on some tips as to what makes a great design, helping your banner stand out from the rest at that all-important event.


The best roller banners have the logo at the top. The logo is the thing you want everyone to be able to see so have it at the top of your banner where it is clearly visible. Remember, your logo is what will attract people to you so it is important to have it at the top of the banner.


Keep the information on your banner to a minimum. People don’t want bombarding with information. They just want key snippets which they can remember and use for the future. Things like contact details and a brief outline of what you are promoting is plenty. Not only does an overload put people off, it can make the print look bad too.


Another way of attracting people to your banner is through the colours you use. Make sure you use standout colours but don’t deviate from the colour scheme of your business or logo. Also, ensure it is in keeping with any images. The last thing people want to see is a kaleidoscope of colour. The colour system should be direct and supportive of the information you are giving out.


When deciding on which images to put on your banner be careful to make sure they are a high enough resolution to look good when it is printed. Blurred or smudged pictures will be an instant put off. Your pictures will be a way of drawing attention so ensure you have images of the highest quality on your design.

Company details

It may be impossible to get to speak to everyone who approaches your banner at an event, so make sure there are some company contact details on it so that anyone who wishes to follow up with you knows how they can get in touch. Include your website address, an email address people can contact and a telephone number as well as any social media handles.

Contact the experts

Looking for a new roller banner to take to a conference or event? If you would like any further help, contact Blue Ocean Printing, we’ll be happy to assist with your queries. Alternatively, call 01438 90 70 70 or contact us via our website.

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