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Poster printing – the power of location

19 July 2016

Posters can be one of the most powerful means of getting a business’ message across if used correctly and with focus. The one big thing that posters have going for them above everything else is location, location, location.

The biggest problem is creating an attention-grabbing poster that will deliver your message quickly and efficiently. It’s often been said that people have an attention span of just a few seconds, and that may be reduced even further if the poster is being viewed from a moving vehicle. However, take that issue on board, and a perfect piece of advertising can be created. Why is it perfect? Posters command the viewer to “act now”, and also create a memory that can be acted upon later.

But the best design in the world will be of no help if the poster is in the wrong location, so it’s important to remember what message needs conveying and to whom.

Posters can be used in many different situations and can relate directly to what the viewer is doing at that specific time. For example, standing in line at the bank and seeing a poster for a new savings account or loan. Then there’s the poster that has our undivided attention. A perfect example is the posters found on the back of public toilet cubicles. After all, what else are you going to look at whilst using the bathroom?

And, of course, there’s the persuasion of brightly coloured, prominently placed posters in shop windows promoting sales, discounts and special offers.

Posters that advertise specific events can be placed near the event location in high traffic areas. When pinned up a couple of weeks beforehand, with information displayed clearly, they act as a means of reinforcing the message in peoples minds, especially when viewed more than once.

Change your poster and message occasionally: if left too long, it will just become part of the landscape.

A poster’s message and location go hand-in-hand. If you require quality poster printing in Stevenage, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and London, then Blue Ocean Printing can help. Call 01438 907070 to find out how we can help.

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