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Why letterheads are great promotional tools

22 June 2016

Communication is important in business. Each point of interaction with potential and existing customers is an opportunity to sell your services, and whether you’re a multinational conglomerate or a sole trader, here’s a number of reasons you should be using personalised letterheads in your correspondence in order to maximise your return on investment:

Appearances matter – so appear big!

Whether you’re a skilled tradesman or working in sales, you always want to look your best – your van, for example, might be adorned with your logo, or if you’re meeting a client to discuss a potential project, you’ll obviously want to look the part by dressing well. Despite this, many businesses neglect letterhead printing as a frivolous expense. Give your correspondence the professional edge with custom-designed letterheads for your business.

Branding separates you from your competitors

Stand out from the crowd with a unique letterhead to guarantee everyone you correspond with won’t forget you. A professionally designed letterhead complete with logo will stick in the minds of your customers, ensuring they’ll know who to turn to next time they require the services or products you offer. Your letterhead essentially increases the level of recognition of your business with relatively low costs when compared to marketing campaigns.

Your personalised letterhead can be used as a direct marketing tool

Why not offer a 10% discount on your letterhead in order to drive those sales? Your letterhead can be utilised in order to promote your business in whatever way you see fit – from offering discounts to advertising your services and more.

Letterhead printing can increase website traffic

Although it’s a completely different medium, you’ll be surprised at how letterhead printing can drive visitors to your site. By simply including your site URL in your letterhead, you’re inviting people to check you out on the web. Combined with other standard information (phone number, address, email), a letterhead is a great way to increase the level of enquiries your business receives.

If your business is in need of personalised letterhead printing and design, why not let Blue Ocean Printing make it easy for you? With an in-house team of talented design specialists, you can rest assured that your letterhead will stand out from the crowd, increase awareness of your business and promote your products and services.

Start fuelling the future success of your small or medium-sized enterprise today by allowing Blue Ocean Printing to reboot your business correspondence.

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