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Why leaflets are great for business

29 April 2016

A year or two ago, sections of the marketing industry were declaring that print was dead, marketing now was all about accessing users through digital channels and social media. Quietly however, that way of thinking is being reversed. It would undoubtedly be foolish to discount online marketing and brand promotion, but it’s an awfully crowded online world. With social media companies getting more restrictive about content and audience, and looking for companies to promote and pay for their posts, print media has quietly made something of a triumphant comeback.

The average adult receives somewhere in the region of 150 emails in their inboxes every day, not counting the large amount caught by spam filters and funnelled straight into junk, most of which are destined to be ignored. Print media is diverse and comes in many forms, but one of the hardest working is the leaflet. Big companies, such as TalkTalk and Virgin, have gone back to writing to their customers and sending them leaflets – is that something you should consider too? There are three key advantages to using leaflets to advertise:

Convenient size

Bigger than a business card and smaller than a brochure, you can get your important information on to a leaflet in a format that is easy to pick up and pop in a bag or pocket, not too large to be off-putting and not too small to be lost. You can grab potential customers’ attention, and they are also of a size that customers can pick one up and pass it on to friends, spreading the word for you. They can also be included as inserts in newspapers and magazines, be popped through doors and generally be disseminated widely.


Second, they are quick to design and quick to print. There are no worries about page order and format, a simple bleed margin is all that is required, and there is little finishing so they can be produced and sent out to you speedily.

Ideal amount of information

Leaflets are concise and your potential customers won’t lose interest. Don’t write an article and don’t try to get every single detail of your company and your services on there – think of it as a shop window to display your highlights and USPs and people are more likely to read the whole thing.

How we can help

If leaflet printing seems like something your business could benefit from, why not get in touch with Blue Ocean Printing? Our friendly, in-house team will be able to help you design the perfect leaflet for your business so you can start attracting new customers straight away. Browse our affordable, high-quality, effective leaflet options today [].

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