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What makes a great poster design?

12 June 2016

A well-designed poster should ultimately engage with your target audience and persuade them to use the service or product advertised. Of course, this is easier said than done, which is why we’ve taken a look at what all successful campaigns have in common in order to demonstrate what truly makes a great poster design:

Layout and design principles

When it comes to layout of your poster design, don’t be afraid to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). A concise, clear layout allows your audience to take in all the information in a matter of seconds. Font sizes and choice matter, too – your typeface should be large enough to be read 10-15 times the format size away from your poster.

Colour and contrast

Always use the same colour palette as your organisation or logo somewhere within your poster. Think of some of the largest corporations and what their posters have in common: McDonalds and Coca-Cola almost always exclusively rely on the same colour schemes.

Some colours just scientifically ‘click’ with one another so try to create a palette of colours which contrast but work well together (think black text on a yellow background as one simple but effective example).

Important information

Consider what it is you are promoting, and then include all of the relevant information: dates, times, location, contact information and prices are always a good start, and all important info should be emphasised in terms of size and colour. Important information will vary based on products, services and events on offer but a good designer will understand what essentials will need to be included.

Images and graphics

It’s proven that visual aids such as product images, diagrams and graphs increase the effectiveness of posters. It’s an opportunity to really sell your product – for example, if you’re offering a two-for-one offer on meals at your restaurant, you’re going to want a mouth-watering image, and some carefully considered photo editing skills could further enhance the attractiveness of your product. Regardless of your product or service, good poster design should focus on the product and sell the product for you.

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