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What makes an effective flyer for business?

12 May 2016

Flyers are a key marketing resource, but can be mishandled. The look of a leaflet is a key part of its success, but it isn’t everything: make sure your message doesn’t get lost in the design, a leaflet has to be about form and function in balance. Here are our tips for creating a really effective flyer that will work for your business.

Don’t give away too much

To begin with, keep it brief. We’ve all heard stories about how our attention span is shrinking, and while they might not be quite true, you don’t need to bombard your audience with information. They don’t need to know the full history of your company for example, or every service that you offer: you can always direct them to your website or social media pages or invite them to call you.

Capture attention

Do this with a catchy or clever headline, or a significant image. This should make it clear what you do and what you are offering, and state the benefits of using your business over any other. Know your audience before you start designing your flyer and target them specifically, make sure the tone is in keeping with what will appeal to them. You may find you’re using very specific language that would pass many people by, and that’s fine, this leaflet is not for them. Use ‘you’, make it clear you are addressing them directly and you have what they are looking for.

Aim for clarity

Distil it down to the essentials, and make sure those essentials are easy to read and clearly laid out. Bullet points are something to consider. Include a call to action, write in the active voice rather than the passive, and consider providing an incentive to get in touch, such as a discount code or special offer. Keep these unique to this flyer and then you will be able to track its effectiveness. Make sure you put your contact information clearly on the flyer too, the convention is to have your name, phone number, email address and website running along the bottom – don’t make your customers search for this information for too long.

Getting your flyers

Once you’ve designed your flyer, look at it in detail. Is the font legible? Are the images clear, well-sized and relevant? The importance of proof reading cannot be overstated; getting a digit wrong in your telephone number will negate the entire exercise, as well as making you look unprofessional.

If all of this sounds a little daunting, don’t worry! The friendly, professional design team at Blue Ocean Printing can help you design and print an effective flyer, and you can find out more about our services here:

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