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Design tips for great brochures

13 January 2017

If you are new to the world of business and need some expert advice on brochure design, we’re here to help. Understanding how to get the right design for your client base can be somewhat difficult. Here are a few top design tips on creating your brochure:

1. Spacing

Spacing can be used in a variety of ways. You may decide to choose a straightforward method of spacing; however, the example below creates a quirky way to entice readers. Thinking about how you can achieve a good use of spacing depends on how much space there is available and the target audience you are aiming at. The below example may be geared towards younger demographics.

2. Fonts

Be wary not to go overboard with fonts. Although it may seem like a great idea to bring more vitality to your design, it wouldn’t be recommended. The example below uses two fonts; one for headings and one for the main copy. They clash in terms of style which works really well for this type of company.

3. Use shapes

One great way to make an impact is to use geometric shapes that stick out of the brochure. For example, a speech bubble holding a key quote. If you have something you really want to shout about, this would be a fun way of getting your point across. See point three in the link below for an example of this technique:

4. Use inserts

One of the great ways to make your leaflet jump off the page – literally – is to use funky inserts. As featured below, this example shows a hand holding a tree, expressing environmental issues and attitudes. If your company has a distinct product or idea, this would be a fantastic way to express your company motives.

5. Materials

Dependent on the sort of vibe you are looking to showcase, the material that is used is a unique way to express the attitudes of your company. As featured below, this brochure uses recyclable materials which automatically give the impression that the company is environmentally friendly.

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