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Grab attention with a branded 2021 calendar!

4 November 2020

Grab attention with a branded 2021 calendar!


Send a beautifully designed calendar to your customers which will remain a constant voice promoting your company throughout the year. Discover how the humble calendar is still the most cost effective form of advertsing there is


Printed branded calendars are, arguably, the most effective form of continual marketing there is. A beautifully designed calendar in your customer’s office will be a calm, constant voice promoting your company all year round.


Your branded calendar will sit near your customer quietly and continually delivering your message; reminding them of what you offer, what you stand for and how you can help to change their lives for the better.


What other form of media has the under-stated perseverance of a printed branded calendar?


At the beginning of each month you’ll have the opportunity to refresh your message and inform your target audience of another service or product you offer.


By sending a 2021 printed branded company calendar you will;

  • Introduce yourself to potential new customers
  • Remind your existing customers that you’re thinking of them
  • Tell them you’re still in business despite Covid
  • Have 12 opportunities to inform, entertain and engage with your target market throughout the year


At Blue Ocean Printing we can help you to produce your 2021 company calendar!

  • Not sure what to do next? – Pick up the phone, dial this number 01438 907070 and ask for Andy or Debbie.
  • Haven’t got any images? – Don’t worry, we have a massive library of potential images for you to use.
  • Not sure what size or format? – We will guide you through the options to establish what’s best for you and your budget.
  • Haven’t got any artwork? – No problem, we have a great team of graphic designers waiting to bring your ideas to life.


Whatever the question, we’ll be able to answer!

So either give us a call now on 01438 907070 or email a member of our helpful team Andy, Debbie or Chloe:


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