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The value of business card printing for your company

16 April 2016

In our present digital era, print marketing may seem like an outdated medium and an unnecessary cost for your business. Why print business cards when you can just text your details or send a web link?

We at Blue Ocean Printing remain firm believers in the power of business card printing to make a strong impression and keep you at the forefront of a potential customer’s memory. Here are some of the benefits of making the investment in a bespoke design for your business cards.

Networking conventions

Despite the advances in technology, and perhaps because of them, people still place high value in meeting face to face and having something in their hand to take away. It is still the norm at networking events to exchange printed cards and go back to the office with a little stack of contacts to follow up with. The social ritual of meeting, shaking hands, chatting and then crucially arriving at the point where there is a decision to make further contact, still ends with the offer of a business card. Not having a card to reciprocate can feel awkward and lead to missed opportunities with a customer who works this way.

Convey your brand quality

A good quality printed card with bold design and colours and a chunky textured paper can really lend credibility to your brand and make a lasting professional impression on a potential customer. It’s also a chance to convey through images and tag lines the essence of what your business is all about – this will stick in their mind’s eye long after your meeting. There are good reasons why business cards have been a top marketing tool on the social and networking circuit for so long, and continue to be favoured by business people at all levels. When looking for jobs in a busy marketplace, make sure your personal brand makes an impact.

Visual prompt to follow up

Your business card in a contact’s wallet or a stack on their desk is a great visual reminder of the conversation you had and a prompt for them to follow up with you, in a way that a note in their phone is not. The visibility and eye catching design will significantly increase your chances of follow up and the likelihood of them taking a look at your website to browse your products and services or connecting with you through social media after your initial meeting.

How we can help

At Blue Ocean Printing we can help you with any business card printing requirements or queries you may have. We also have an expert in-house design team that will ensure your business cards leave a lasting impression and open doors with new customers.

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